The Folk Studio experience is about supporting our clients to make informed decisions; nurturing their vision, curating their existing treasured objects and providing innovative and beautiful spaces.

Mariah started her design journey by gaining a diploma in interior decoration and soon realised that she wanted to continue her studies at 'Billy Blue Design College' for 4 years to gain her bachelor's degree in Interior design - specialising in 'Commercial Interior Design. After graduating, Mariah was given the opportunity to go to New York as a design representative at the 'World Business Forum', where she discussed the social and environmental impacts of modern architecture and interior design.


Mariah has worked for some of Sydney's leading design firms and furniture suppliers, where she gained a thorough knowledge of varying design processes, project management and furniture design techniques.

Chris has a background in urban planning, graphic design and interior design. After gaining a bachelor's degree in urban planning, Chris furthered his studies to gain his Masters. After spending a lot of his time in Europe and Japan, Chris developed a love for Danish interiors and Japanese architecture; a clear aesthetic in many of our completed projects.