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Sometimes people say to us " you are just a design firm, why do you have to do blogs, interviews and post about social issues?", well the answer is simple and there has never been an alternative for us.

Our answer is always the same, "We have a responsibility as a business to work ethically and to be true to our moral compass; Folk is an extension of who we are and we want to share our thoughts, interests, products and people who we believe align with our values. Not everything has to be focused on interiors, we have a lot more going on within Folk that goes far beyond our projects and we want to share that with our followers. We certainly haven't hit 'influencer status' (we are painfully self/brand aware) but we know we have loyal readers and supporters and we want our message to always be clear - we are a wellness brand, not just a 'firm'.


The dictionary definition of 'Folk' is "people in general" and we want our brand to cover relevant and intriguing information that is genuine and relatable for everyone. 

001. Food //  Ethical purchasing and farming 

Everything we purchase has implications that most people are blissfully unaware of. At Folk we are by no means perfect but we try and think about where our food, clothes, homewares and furniture comes from and the what the implications are. Choosing local, in-season vegetables and farms that practice regenerative agriculture and avoid mono-cropping.

In a perfect world we'd all be eating food grown and raised in a 100km radius of where we live, but choosing in season produce, buying direct from farmers, avoiding mono-cropped grains and foods containing pesticides is a good start.

Buying Australian made clothing, homewares and furniture supports local manufacturers, avoids sweatshops and cuts down on one of the biggest greenhouse gas emissions sectors, transportation. Our purchases can say a lot about our values, buying products that are built to last and that support local manufacturing is a great place to start.


002. Equality // Age, race, sexual orientation

Definition of Equality:"The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities". It's no secret that the world is becoming more educated about what being equal really means but it's also no secret that we have a long way to go to achieve equal opportunities for all. Being a mixed race team, we feel strongly about creating a workplace that understands the hardships that come with ones skin colour, their social economic backgrounds, their gender and their sexuality -it ain't easy!

003. Sustainable Design Practises

We believe that you can't have good design without sustainability being at the forefront. Creating designs that have been carefully considered by simply using products and processes that positively impact us now and in the future.

004. Mental health // Designing for purpose.

We all know that our environments effect our mood, productivity and overall happiness. We have always seen interior design as one of the key elements of promoting personal wellness; this is achieved by creating positive environments for all those using the space. Designing spaces that wholeheartedly consider the end user to ensure they feel inspired, creative and content. 

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