How to care for your indoor plants.

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Even if you don't classify yourself as a 'Plant Parent', there are plants out there that don't require constant care. Plants bring 'life' and a little bit of colour to any space; they also bring a sculptural element to your interior.

Most 'indoor' plants love filtered light. If you stick to the following rules, your plants will be very happy!

1. Filtered light is the key -- not too much direct sunlight, though this doesn't mean leaving it in the darkest corner of your home either.

2. Do not over water your plants. Choose a day to water them (once a week) and succulents ever 3 weeks.

3. Reuse a empty spray bottle and spray your plants with water twice a week. They will love you for it (I would only do this in summer, when it's dry).

If you think an area of your home is looking a bit dull, before you spend big, try adding a plant to enhance that dull area... you will be surprised!

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