Japan Travel Guide

Planning a trip to Japan? Here are a few tips to help you navigate around the buzzing city of Tokyo.


Japan is a country you can eat your way through, we've narrowed down our list to a few of our favourites just for you.

Crayon House // All you can eat lunch and dinner (mostly vegan/veg)

Crayon House

Brown Rice Cafe // Vegan cuisine

Brown Rice Cafe

TIP // Family Mart // Budgeting? Family Mart is dotted all over the city and have fresh sushi rolls delivered to their doorstep each morning - amazing! Great for a snack on the go.


1. Naoshima (Art Island)

2. Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

3. National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

4. 21 21 Design Sight, Tokyo

5. Ghibi Museum, Tokyo

Areas to Explore

Shimokitazawa // Vintage shops, incredible cafes and the trendiest people in Tokyo

Harajuku // Famous for its colorful street art and fashion scene, with quirky vintage clothing stores.

Nakameguro // Trendy boutiques with a western influence --- Famous for it's Cherry Blossoms!

We recommend looking into the many Airbnb 'Experiences' in Japan -- it's easy to book and there are so many activities like tours and cooking classes on offer, we guarantee you wont be disappointed!

It takes numerous trips to Japan to see it all, so don't get too overwhelmed with trying to make it everywhere. Sometimes staying in only a few places for longer periods really helps you soak up the culture.


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