Handmade Ceramics

At Folk, we're passionate about handmade ceramics that are practical and beautiful. We love products that are made with love, patience and a whole lot of soul. We've listed some of our favourite makers who are committed to sustainable, slow and deeply personal practices.

Wingnut & Co, Jane McKenzie

Amy Leeworthy, Katia Carletti , Jane McKenzie

Provider Store

Anamone Studios

The Potter x The Clay

Some of the makers who excite us

Amy Leeworthy

Amy is a self trained potter who draws inspiration from silhouettes of the 1970s. She describes her practice as largely intuitive, preferring to let the clay guide her next move.


Anamone Studios

Emma from Anamone wants to create an awareness and appreciation of where and how things are made. She draws constant inspiration the process of simply creating.


Wingnut & Co

Wingnut are committed to maintaining a sustainable practice by sourcing hand dug clay from area sin country Victoria. All timber they use is donated off cuts, and any timber waste is burnt down and the ash is used in their glaze recipes.


Katia Carletti

Katia draws inspiration from repetition in nature, folk art and the simple need for practical vessels in the home. Her pieces are functional and stunning to look at.


Jane McKenzie

Jane's sculptures find their genesis in Modernist architecture and entice the viewer to look through and around the pieces. She uses terracotta clay for its honesty and a clean palette of white and black glazes that contrast with the natural clay.


The Potter x The Clay

Kimberly's approach to ceramics is a very personal one. Each piece is drawn from both wonderful and painful experiences past and present. This translates uniqueness, raw energy and appreciation of beauty in life's little imperfections.


Provider Store

Tara from the Provider Store lives and breaths the concept of slow living, with an emphasis on creating ethical and sustainable products. Most of her products are either handmade by Tara or local and international creatives she has met along her travels.


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