Folk Travel Guide - Copenhagen

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Planning a trip can be exciting or stressful depending on your mood. In case you're in the later group we have prepared a little list of our favourite places in Copenhagen.

Nørrebro, Copenhagen



Grød translates to porridge and its no surprise what their speciality is. You guessed it, porridge! Our number one breakfast spot! The lunchtime pea risotto is hard to beat too.

Atelier September

Another must! We can't visit Copenhagen without eat an open-faced sandwich on rye and a coffee at Atelier September .


Family style food that combines Danish and Italian mad with sustainable, local and organic produce. Baest owns its own cows that the use to make their mozzarella and of course they use only local flour for their pizzas. Its an absolute must!

Pea Risotto at Grød

Atelier September


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Not technically in Copenhagen, its well worth taking the train to Louisiana for the day and experiencing one of our favourite modern galleries in the world.

Ride a bike, anywhere!

The simple pleasure of riding a bike in a Copenhagen is not to be missed.

Grundtvigs Kirke

We recommend riding a bike and seeing this incredible gothic cathedral, complete with chairs deigned by the master Kaare Klint.

Christiania (Freetown)

An abandoned military area that was established as a commune in the 70's and is now a vibrant and alternative suburb.


Simply walk the city and appreciate the contemporary and historic architectural feats. The aged bronze roofs really do it for us.

Grundtvigs Kirke


Illum Bolighus

An amazing department store full of amazing Scandi design, homewares, clothing.


Another amazing Scandi design and furniture institution


Norse Store

Wood Wood

Henrik Vibskov

Lighting display at Illum Bolighus

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