Bed Linen Care Guide

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Fitted Sheets Tips:

If you have linen fitted sheets, remember that every time you wash your fitted sheet, you should note which end was the 'feet' end and swap this to be the 'head' end each time you put it back on the bed. This is because the bottom of the sheets where your feet move will wear faster than the top end where you lay your head.

Multiple Sets:

You should have 2x sets of sheets. It's best to rotate your sheets each time to eliminate constant use.

Use the right detergent:

Often we hear clients say that they use products like 'Omo' or conventional detergents but this is a big no-no. You need to use less invasive, natural detergents to ensure no bleaching occurs.

Don't wash your linen with other items:

Only wash your linen with like colours and other linen. People often wash their linen with their towels but towels have traces of moisturisers, hair oils etc and if washed together, this may cause bleaching.

Detergents we love:

Bondi Wash


Koala Eco

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