Paddington Terrace House


Paddington, Sydney

This home is situated in a quiet laneway in the beautiful suburb of Paddington. Our client had moved from overseas and brought no furniture or homewares with her, meaning we had a fresh canvas to work with. Previously used an an Airbnb by the former owner, the home felt sterile and lifeless.


The brief was to create a home that exudes comfort, warmth and luxury; allowing our client to come home each day and relax.

We achieved optimal comfort by introducing wool, heavy linens, soft throws and upholstered seating throughout.; we also incorporated unique vintage pieces to ensure each space felt timeless and eclectic. 

This once dark terrace house is now a sun drenched home, filled with homewares and furniture that were thoughtfully considered for the space and our clients lifestyle. 

Photography by Kayla-Jane White

Builder: That Lady Tradie

Landscaping: Terrace House Woollahra