Artist // Genevieve Mcconnell

Genevieve Mcconnel lives in a share house with four others, although you wouldn’t necessarily know it. Her home in Manly Vale is a classic light brick beach house with spacious, bright rooms and a beautiful sun room lined with artwork and vintage items Gen has collected over numerous years. For Gen, who works as an art teacher during the day and an emerging artist herself, there is just enough space for her here to rest, create and play. We spent the morning with her, learning about her procceses and soaking in her amazing artworks. 



Who inspires you as an artist?

Linda Marrinon’s work I sailed to Tahiti with an all-girl crew (1982) was a major catalyst for my current body of work. Outside of that I find myself most attracted to artists who surprise me, make me laugh or make me question my perspective. Immersing myself in Pipilotti Rist’s sensual, surreal and intimate video installations was by far one of the most inspiring artistic experiences I have ever had. The beautifully simple drawings young children create, Picasso’s posters, Elizabeth Cummings layered paintings, Quentin Blake’s illustrations- It's an endless list!

How do you feel when you paint?

I feel relaxed. It’s definitely a therapeutic process.

What are your thoughts about women in the art world? / Do you think it's harder to become an emerging artist?

I am certain there are women out there who have had a different experience to me but based on my involvement in the art world so far, being a woman is of no detriment to my success. I think that no matter who or what you are being an emerging artist is a tough gig. It’s competitive and over saturated and at times feels more like a marketing job. In saying that, it is also incredibly rewarding when you hit that sweet spot and create something your proud of that resonates with an audience too.

How would you describe your style?

My work has a naive, childlike quality to it. Aesthetically it is quite simple, often employing block colours, single line and flattened space though I like to think the ideas behind the work are layered, surprising and relatable.

Why do you think having the right artwork in an interior is so important?

The space you surround yourself in should be a reflection of you and the artwork within a space should be an extension of this.

Lastly, what are you goals as an artist?

I’m currently working full time as a high school visual arts teacher so my number one goal is always ensuring I make time for my practice. That aside my short term goal is to get a website up and running, which is in the works and due early next year. Big picture goal for 2019 is to have my first solo exhibition so watch this space.

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