Pay as You Go

6 hour block: $840 +GST

10 hour block: $1,400 +GST

16 hour block: $2,240 +GST

** All pricing in AUD

This Service Suits You If:

-You have already had a one-off consultation with us where we get a better understanding of the scope of work and you would like to use our services from time-to-time.

- You’re self-implementing your project but would benefit from a ‘check in’ with FOLK to ask questions and ‘bounce’ ideas off us.

- You’re unsure of the exact scope of you project and would prefer the flexibility of accessing FOLK’s styling expertise when you simply need that ‘interior design friend’.

- You may need a hand choosing colours, lighting, tiles or flooring.

- You may need assistance with the appropriate layout of each space.

What Do You Get From a Design Block?

- Access to our expert advice, recommendations and ideas.

- These hours are flexible and can be used however you like - e.g face to face appointments, site visits, showroom visits, emails, phone calls.

- Time log record of hours completed and available at your request at any time.

- You have the opportunity to purchase additional hours whenever you require.

- Blocks of hours are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

- Blocks are pre-paid & non-refundable or transferable.