Ash Holmes

Ash Holmes began painting freelance 6 years ago. It was only earlier this year that it transitioned into a full time profession.

Ash goes under the artist name of ‘ASHA’, her career started out with commission works within Sydney and has now grown nationally and internationally shipping to places like Byron Bay and Denmark.


The colours in her work illustrate the beauty in all things natural, finding inspiration from the environment around her and the shapes and tones of nature. A lot of ASHA's works represent abstract organic shapes of rock forms or female figures. Her work is produced with layers to create depth.


Preparing for her 2nd solo exhibition, ASHA is currently creating 25 originals to complete the body of work ‘B A T E A U’ which will be on show at Smithmade, Balgowlah from the 9th of August.


Want to know more?    @ash_holmes

Who inspires you as an artist? 

Ariele Alasko @arielealasko and Nick Thomm @nickthomm.

How do you feel when you paint? 

I feel emerged in something meditative and calming. Its the best way for me to be expressive and ground myself at the same time. 

What are your thoughts about women in the art world? 

In the past women were commonly seen as the subject of the artwork and the male was more often the artist. Now its equal and I think by looking at most modern art it would be hard to determine if it was produced by a male or female artist. I haven’t ever experienced my gender disrupting my career in a negative way!

How would you describe your style? 

Instinctive and abstract. 

Why do you think having the right artwork in an interior is so important? 

Art can dictate the mood of a room and give it a certain ambience. The art in your house or space should align with the interiors to keep the whole concept of your space seamless. 

Lastly, what are you goals as an artist? 

I’d love to keep evolving as an artist and have my own studio/ showroom in 2019. The dream is to exhibit in LA or London.